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Environmental standards of GES Licht erleben

Saving energy As a specialized dealer for lamps and light fittings we are very much aware of a variety of problems concerning energy usage and the sources of that energy.
That is why we chose a datacentre for our servers, which is one of the most advanced and energy-efficient in Europe.

Most Internet hosting companies buy cheap energy from sources such as coal or nuclear powerplants. Our servers are exclusively powered by renewable energy from carbon neutral hydro-electric power stations. Additionally, the software used on these systems - e.g. the operating system Solaris 10 - is perfectly optimized to the hardware it runs on, saving up to 30% of energy compared to its predecessors.
Apart from the core systems of a server, the peripherals usually consume a lot of power. However, the datacentre which hosts our servers breaks the mould: Using a technology called "Cold Isle Containment" it is possible to only cool single servers when needed, instead of cooling down the whole datacentre all the time. This measure alone saves more than 30 percent of energy.

Of course, our efforts to save energy do not stop at choosing the right Internet hosting company. In our showroom in Bochum we use a sophisticated EIB system to control our lighting. This way we make sure that lights are only turned on when they are actually needed. Additionally, we use power-saving LEDs or highly energy- efficient lamps whenever possible.
In order to, on the one hand strengthen the local infrastructure and on the other hand improve the environment, we exclusively use green energy supplied by the Stadtwerke Bochum to power our offices and our showroom. Since there are no hydro-electric power stations in or near Bochum, the energy is supplied by the Verbund - Austrian Hydro Power AG and originates solely from hydropower.

To keep environmental pollution to an absolute minimum we make an effort to only use packaging materials made from recycable or renewable resources. To get your delivery to you as fast as possible and do something good for the environment at the same time, we cooperate with logistics partners, which use elaborate systems of route planning to minimize additional or empty trips.