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Marset Discocó 68/88 Pendant Light

Marset Discocó 68/88 Pendant Light

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88 cm, schwarz-gold
88 cm, schwarz-goldDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-048
88 cm, weiß
88 cm, weißDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-002
88 cm, matt grau
88 cm, matt grauDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-107
88 cm, matt beige
88 cm, matt beigeDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-106
68 cm, weiß
68 cm, weißDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-110
68 cm, matt grau
68 cm, matt grauDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-120
68 cm, matt beige
68 cm, matt beigeDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-119
68 cm, schwarz-gold
68 cm, schwarz-goldDelivery time: 2 to 3 weeksItem no.: A620-121
The designer Christophe Mathieu created the Discoco pendant light on behalf of the lamp manufacturer Marset, which is situated in Barcelona. The lamp consists of a sphere of polished noble metal, on which 35 opaque ABS-panes are sticked. These panes reflect the light and direct it through the layers and so creates an astonishing illumination which is comparable to the organic and aesthetic form of an opening flower.

Christophe Mathieu set himself several aims for the construction of the lamp. He wanted to produce an optical appealing form which creates warmth and a comfortable atmosphere. As an ideal, the designer took Scandinavian design ideas as which can now be found in the look of the Discoco pendant lamp. To amplify the atmospheric effect, Mathieu made several variations which, except for the white basic design which reflects purity, all use a warm colouring.

A further aim was to offer versions in larger dimensions. The designer saw the problem that these larger versions of the lamp might be hard to transport and thus would be damaged more commonly. Mathieu found the solution to this problem in the material ABS, which is insusceptible to shock, and a simple and robust connector system, which would allow the lamp to be compressed and safely stowed with little effort. It was the designers special wish to create this connector system in a way so that the lamp can be assempled easily and without any tools.

The great strenght of Christophe Mathieus is his ability to get into the perspective of his customers. He asks himself the critical questions and then finds the right answers to create a lamp that fulfills all needs of our modern times. The outcome of this process is the Discoco pendent light. Here we present two variations of the suspension light with a diameter of 68 cm or 88 cm. Please also note the other versions below.

Discoco is available in five different colours (white, sand, turquoise, chocolate, black-gold)

Data sheet
Manufacturer Marset
Manufacturer article number A620-002|A620-048|A620-107|A620-106|A620-110|A620-120|A620-119|A620-121
Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks
Designer Christophe Mathieu
Design Jahr 2008
Farbe wahlweise weiß, matt grau, matt beige oder schwarz-gold
Shade material Scheiben aus gegossenem, opakem ABS
Height klein: 52,1 cm, groß: 68cm
Pendular height max 300cm
Shade diameter klein: 68 cm, groß: 88cm
Illuminant socket E27
International Protection Marking IP20
Illuminant 3 x E27 max. 14W
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