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Catellani & Smith's famous Fil de Fer Collection

The Fil de Fer collection by Catellani & Smith might very well belong to the most famous and most groundbreaking lighting designs of the last ten years. The hand-crafted Fil de Fer lights consist of aluminium wire of varying lenghts, which is bent into its final shape over the course of several days in the manufacture of Catellani & Smith. This process guarantees that each and every Fil der Fer is one of a kind and remains unique.

Enzo Catellani made sure to create a variant for each and every area of application. That is why Fil de Fer is available as pendant light, ceiling or wall light and as ground light. Additionally, there are several different sizes for each of these variants, usually ranging from 30 to 120cm. Especially the outdoor variant of Fil de Fer needs to be mentioned, as it is sure to attract the attention of anyone who happens to get a glimpse of it.
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer Ground Lamp LED Ø 70cm

From: €1,777.00

To: €2,162.00

*Msrp: 1975,40€
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer LED Ø 30cm

From: €1,022.00

To: €1,140.00

*Msrp: 1136,45€
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer LED Ø 50cm

From: €1,349.00

To: €1,605.00

*Msrp: 1499,40€
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer LED Pendant Light

From: €1,349.00

To: €2,981.00

*Msrp: 1499,40€
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer CW Wall Light

From: €1,188.00

To: €1,750.00

*Msrp: 1320,90€
Catellani & Smith

Fil de Fer F Outdoor Floor Lamp

From: €1,440.00

To: €3,147.00

*Msrp: 1600,55€